About the Founder

Stephen-GarrettStephen Garrett

When you first meet Stephen, you know that you are meeting a man who walks the walk. Disciplined practice, a genuine heart and commitment to Life have produced in Stephen the qualities of a compassionate leader: integrity, strength, leadership, kindness and knowledge.

Stephen’s passion for life and death is obvious in his writing, speaking and teaching. His care for each and every person that crosses his path is supported by over two decades of firsthand experience in the fields of social work, adult education, coaching, facilitating, and mentoring. He combines a unique blend of spirituality, practicality, humor, and common sense in his approach to serving individuals, families and groups as they walk the mysterious path of dying, death and loss.

Stephen holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training, diplomas in mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation and communication. He is a published author of three books, Men Read This and Monks Without A Church with his newest book, “When Death Speaks”.

You can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.