About the Team

The folks you will see on the following pages are dedicated to working people in a way that supports graceful endings that can focus on great farewells free of panic, lst minute rushed meetings, and chaotic emotional decisions.

The individuals on the following pages are compassionate, experienced, trained, and certified End of Life Guide who are making themselves available to support you and your end of life needs anyway they can.

Vision and Philosophy

Here at End of Life Guide Training we hold the view that death is as fundamental a part of life as is birth and that grief is a natural result of loss through which we can thrive.

With guidance and support end of life planning can bring families closer together and pave the way for probability of wonderful good-byes and graceful passages.


What’s an End of Life Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced end of life graduate who will guide you through your training.  They will put your learning first and foremost to ensure you will have learned all you need to be successful in supporting others through their end of life issues.

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What is an End of Life Coach or Guide?

A coach or guide will guide you and your family through the preparation phase of your end of life planning.  They will be there to support you and your family as your loved one nears the end of their life, and to coach you through the journey with grief.

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What is an End of Life Educator?

An End of Life Educator is trained to lead workshops, give public talks and train people with regards to the importance of handling end of life issues, changing their relationship with death and providing a different perspective on dying and death.

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