Coach and Trainers Package

Here is how to get started

The Basic Package is the prerequisite to all our training. It provides you with all the necessary practices and exercise to enable you to successfully navigate you, your family, and friends through the ever-changing journey of dying, death, and grief.

To get started simply purchase the Basic Package and you will receive instant access to the training online. Along with the package you will receive unlimited e-mail access to one of our End of Life Mentors who will fully support your growth and development as an End of Life Guide.

Coach and Trainers Package

If you feel the call and want to lead workshops and become a public speaker for End of Life you will need complete The Coach and Trainers Package that includes all of the above elements plus a weekly 1 ½ hour call with one of our senior mentors. Head to our Mentors Page and choose a senior mentor who will guide you through this more intense training that will prepare your to teach and speak to others about the ins and outs of End of Life.

You will receive an e-mail and we will connect you to the Mentor you choose. Together you will arrange your schedule.

Not Sure?

If you are curious, and not sure if this training is for you, learn more by reading about the End of Life Guide Training. Then send us an email and one of our mentors will get it touch with you and arrange for a chat.