Mary Anne Pick

Mary AnneMary Anne is the founder of Wings of Change a company that specializes in helping seniors transition to the next stage of their lives.  More on that in a moment.

Over the years, Mary Anne has done a fair amount of transitioning herself.  She was an advertising copy writer for the first stage of her career and then switched hats to the marketing side of the business in the 80’s.

She moved from Toronto to Vancouver to co-found Robertson Pick Advertising. In short order the company became one of the most successful and largest agencies specializing in new home and resort marketing in Western Canada.

She sold the company in 2000 as her millennium promise to herself and then travelled Africa, Europe and the Caribbean for a couple of years.  But no dust grows under this gal.

When she returned from her global travels, she went back to her marketing roots as a consultant to a variety of local and international resort developers. And then 2008 came crashing in. And out of business she was. A traveling she went again to figure out the next transition.

Mary Anne launched Wings of Change four years ago and happily specializing in helping seniors downsize and transition from their homes and on to their next move.