“Just had a chance to read through this - this training program looks awesome! I’m not aware of anyone offering anything similar. I think it’s neat how you start with basic death education/awareness (personal, cultural), and then get more applied - real skills for dealing with death and dying practically, emotionally, spiritually. Very cool!

I will definitely send people your way, as I encounter those who might benefit from this comprehensive training! You do a great job of describing the training in a way that welcomes interest from death-care professionals and people facing their own or a loved-one’s mortality, both! Not easy to do, and a sign that you’re on to something more than just “continuing ed” in "palliative care.”

Rochelle Martin, FuneralAlternatives


“Stephen was a true coach through this whole journey. He was the guy in "my corner", giving me perspectives and tools to use for my own benefit, and also helping me to help my family. I feel absolutely passionate about the work that he does. He is blowing the doors off of our pre-conceived notions surrounding dying and death, opening the conversation, helping us reduce our suffering and embrace life whether we have 20 years or two days left to live.

He is deeply compassionate and insightful, and I am so very grateful for his mentorship and friendship. His book, "When Death Speaks" is a must read for everyone. This conversation needs to happen now to help us all live life fully, embrace it's richness and love deeply.”

Deanne Newkirk, Calgary Alberta